Risks and benefits of automation testing

I am a manual tester with many years of experience in the industry, now I find myself a bit outdated because automation testing is too developed. However, learning test automation is a bit difficult for me :frowning: , I want to know about the risks and benefits of automation testing to decide to learn and apply it seriously.

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Benefits of automation testing

Now that we have gone through what automation testing is, it is time to glance at several benefits of automation testing to help you eliminate the ambiguity on whether automation testing is the right choice for your team. The following are highlighted points on why automation testing is so important:

Simplify test execution

With the automated testing tools, test scripts can be reused as often as you need, thus saving both time and effort. Imagine using manual testing, you have to write a single code line for the same test case, over and over again.

Reduce human intervention

Utilizing automation tools, you can run automated tests unattended (overnight) without human intervention. Once written, the tests can be reused and executed unlimited times without additional cost. The tests are also available 24/7, unlike manual testers!

Speed up test

The speed of test execution and test coverage increases, thus shortening the software development cycles.

Increase test coverage on multiple platforms

Automation testing grants you the ability to perform testing on multiple platforms in parallel without creating abundant test cases in different browser versions.


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