[SHARING] - What characteristics of the project are suitable to apply test automation?


:point_right: To apply test automation, the project must run on platforms such as Web, Desktop App, Mobile and API. The reason is because test automation tools support very well on these platforms, especially on mobile platforms and web apps.

Project size

:point_right: The number of MMs for testing must be greater than 3MM.

Have regression testing

:point_right: Projects must have iterative testability. Average >= 20% Effort test

Test environment

:point_right: It is necessary to determine what environments the project will test on. Note: the more test environments, the higher the MM savings for the project.

Network system

:point_right: The project needs to understand the network environment of the project to choose the appropriate tools (Fsoft network or client).

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While QA teams turn their testing strategy towards a more inclusive automation approach to increase efficiency and coverage of the testing process, there are still testers wondering if automation testing is the right choice for them.


Automation is an integral part of a development cycle, so it is essential to determine what you want to achieve with automation before switching into it. A test should meet some criteria in order to be automated โ€“ otherwise, it may end up costly investment rather than saving.

Ultimately, it is substantial to remember the goal of automation is to reduce your time, effort, and money. Take the below criteria into account before making your own decision

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