Xmind Works - What do you think?

We currently use XMind (desktop version) however we have found it’s not possible to collaborate easily with other Testers. I previously looked at XMind Zen and it too didn’t have real time updates.

I’m just wondering if any is using XMind Works and if you have any feedback? Are you able to collaborate easily and does it include real time updates? If not is there another tool you recommend?

Thanks in advance

Hi, I tested xmind.works recently and found it easy to use and as good as Xmind itself.
My aim was to be able to share easily my mind maps online and enable the sharers to contribute to it’s development.
I was disappointed with the sharing options because it imposed the receiver of my link to the mind map, to use already installed mind mapping software such as mindmeisiter and mindomo.
I thought the aim would be to make things easy and allow sharers to see the web based mind map just by clicking on it without having to go through other platforms.