Why is automation testing important?

Automation Testing has become a necessity in the world of DevOps and Agile. Effective automation testing can be an awesome productivity booster for the testing team and an overall system quality enhancer in the long run. However, the most difficult element of starting with test automation is making sure it is used correctly.

Those who have attempted to set up test automation will attest to the fact that it is not a cakewalk.

In this article on the automation testing challenges, we will discuss the top 9 key challenges in automation testing faced by developers and organizations and how to overcome the test automation challenges.

The most important reason to utilize automated testing is to obtain a high-quality product with exceptional performance that offers several advantages. It results in a significant reduction in maintenance costs and a significant increase in software performance with faster Time to Market (TTM). In terms of budget, the importance of automation testing lies in charge reductions because the human is no longer required for anything other than the test’s maintenance. Automated testing aims to make testing as simple as feasible with scripts.

If you are new to automation testing or want to migrate from manual testing to automation testing, this article on how to migrate from manual testing to automation testing will help you get started.

From the below stats, test automation was cited by 42.5% of organizations as an important aspect of their quality assurance process.

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