Who decides what User Journeys you base your Regression Testing on?

How do people plan for manual regression testing in situations where the Sprint/Timebox User Story testing is carried out in a more Exploratory Ad-hoc type way? We have a big product that is getting bigger and bigger and have always approached the regression by deciding ourselves (testers) what user journeys and use cases to cover, but there is becoming more and more of a need for the regression to be based on more defined type test cases.
Does your customer or Product Design team provide you with the most critical path user journeys to cover? Are there any other ways that you decide what tests to run on a regular basis that you cannot automate?

If the testers aren’t the ones with the most domain knowledge, I’d start by sitting down with people who know the product best, to be able to make the most informed decision on what scenarios are the most important to automate, from business perspective.
Those people could be, product owners, business analyst, customer service representatives, etc.