Which basis do you use when performing Model Based Testing?

Hi all,

I was wondering which basis you use when performing Model Based Testing?
To be more precisely, what do you use as a basis for your test model?

For context, I am the founder of TestCompass, the ‘early Model Based Testing’ tool in the cloud and I’m keen to learn from you all.


I guess that clarification of what model based testing is, is important. I was thinking I build a model of the system from some aspect and model the testing to that model.

Often that is just a mental model in my head, I could model a check-out flow from a UX perspective, my model could be based on what makes me happy when I buy things and then model testing around that.

That exact same checkout flow I could create a model based on conversion rates and use a different test model to cover that.

Often I may use a tour test of an application to build out models of the system, for example I may end up with at least 3 different models, a feature model, a risk model and a view model and then decide on test approach for all the models if deemed of value.

I did encounter the link with UML and model based testing before but that seemed like something else.