When is Automation testing useful?

When is Automation testing useful?


Automation testing is useful in the following scenarios:

Regression testing

In case of a bug fix or new module implementation, we have to make sure that the already implemented or unchanged functionality is not affected. In this case, we end up running the regression test case multiple times.

For Example: After each change request or bug fix, after each iteration in case of incremental development approach, etc.

Non-functional Testing

Testing the non-functional aspects of an application.

For Example, Load testing or performance testing, etc are very difficult for humans to track and analyze.

Complex calculation

Checks or test scenarios that are prone to human errors.

Repeated execution of the same tests

Sometimes, we have to run the same set of test case for a different set of data or after each build release or on multiple hardware, software or combination of both.

Automating the test cases in the above scenarios helps in achieving the speed of testing and minimizing human errors

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