What are the best test cases writing and management platforms?

So over time, I have read through different articles mentioning some tools as the best. Basically, I am considering the following to help with the decision making

  1. Easy migration
  2. Security
  3. Platform that will allow me to upload already written test cases in excel to their own platform with ease and without any mismatching.
  4. Reporting and analysis

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Well, based on the way you asked this question, I’m still left guessing as to what your actual question is. Mainly because you are not talking about what kind of tests, who cares about these tests, nor are you telling us what your org structure or industry type and your SDLC looks like. So it’s also hard to give any kind of help without context to a question, which in reality is 4 separate questions, and each will have a different experience, also not sure what you have already read. I’m keen to know whether you are open to the idea that written test cases are rather pointless? I know that’s not an answer, but I hope it helps you build a frame.

Remember there are no stupid questions, just questions that don’t get you the guidance you really sought.