What API automation testing tool you use and Why?


I would like to hear from all of you about the API automation tool that you have expereinced and would love to hear why you have choosen it ?
Do you happen to expeirence automated API tests with in CI/CD pipeline of your software delivery process ?
What is your test workflow ? Please share all your API test autoamtion expereince

~ Cheers

I have some experience with rest-assured and I too found it easy with its fluent style apis and given/when/then structure.

But I guess you need to spend some time initially to set up the automation test framework using res-assured, and its full of coding (in java) … it could also be taken as an advantage for you as it has all the feasibility of taking ALL the benefits that Java gives you.
I suggested this at my company, but the management was not so impressed especially when they understood that it requires coding to develop tests ( though I personally likes it )

Currently I am looking at a tool which can speed up the process and we can develop tests more easily and start integrating it with our CI/CD pipeline

I have experience in SoapUI too which we didn’t take forward because it need to be installed/present in the machine where the test is running. So that would be an expensive one for us especially if we need to configure the all the machines where build is happening, if we go with pro verson… and the free version has its own issues

Recently I have been playing a lot with Postman.

I liked postman for its simplicity, ease of test development, ability to incorporate Javascripting etc and especially the power of automating the tests with Newman command line tool. So you can easily make the tests as part of your CI/CD pipeline.

One slight inconvenience I saw with Postman is , it is not so easy to integrate with version control system.
It has a real time sync option with Github, but not with Atlassians Bitbucket ( the one we use at my company ). So you would need to manually export the test files from Postman GUI and version control it . That would slow down the process and may bring some issues at later point of time especially when Team with multiple people start developing the tests.
So my journey continues in fixing a proper tool for achieving api test automation