Web sites and Web hosting

Don’t know if this is the right place to ask this but what do People know or suggest for websites and Web hosting in terms of creating a profile online other than linked in.
How much are these sites tested.
How would you test such sites

The premise of this is a question that a few testers are debating and its got a tad overrun and I wanted to check if people had the same views and opinions.

I have left it vague so as not to influence people’s responses.


There used to be a thing where you could use dyndns or some thing and point a domain at your home IP address and then punch a hole through (or NAT port 80 to use correct language) to publish your own website. For example on a SBC like a raspberry pi? Anyone recall other ways of doing the dns magic that worked or works for them? I know it’s against the T’s&C’s but keen to know who has gotten it working well?