The important modules of an automation testing framework

What are the important modules of an automation testing framework?


Important modules of an Automation testing framework are:

  1. Test Assertion Tool: This tool will provide assert statements for testing the expected values in the application under test. For Example. TestNG, Junit, etc.
  2. Data Setup: Each test case needs to take the user data either from the database or from a file or embedded in the test script. Frameworks data module should take care of the data intake for test scripts and the global variables.
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  1. Build Management Tool: Framework needs to be built and deployed for the use of creating test scripts.
  2. Continuous integration tool: With CICD (Continuous Integration and Continuous Development) in place, continuous integration tool is required for integrating and deploying the changes done in the framework at each iteration.
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  1. Reporting tool: A reporting tool is required to generate a readable report after the test cases are executed for a better view of the steps, results, and failures.
  2. Logging tool: The logging tool in framework helps in better debugging of the error and bugs.
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