[The difference between single user and organization user]

Hi everyone,

Welcome to akaAT, we have 3 tools dedicated to the testing profession, the first is an automated test tool - Studio, the second is akaManager - Test case management and Agent. Today I will introduce a part to everyone about Manager

Recently, I received a question from many new users of akamanager “Why are there 2 options when creating an account and what is the difference?” It’s really a good question because it affects a lot to the process of using akaManager and until today I will reply to everyone.

Organization user: You are admin after signing in this type of account completely. You have a tenant to manage projects, you have the permission to perform all functions on the system including: create projects, invite users to join projects, create test cases, import test cases…
Single user: You are a single user, and after login successfully, you must be added to a certain tenant to perform some functions of a single user in the specified projects; otherwise you will not be able to perform any function on the system at all.

Here, I will show you how to register a single user and an organization user
1. How to register a single user
Step 1: Fill in the necessary information to create an account (Note: each email can only create 1 account, if you use the old email to register, the system will display an error message)

Step 2: Click to Sign up
Step 3: The system will send to your gmail that you have just registered for you to verify your account. You need to login gmail and verify
After successful verification, you already have a single user account

2. How to register an organization account
Step 1: Like the single user registration screen above, to register for an organization account, you need to tick the ‘Organization user’ check box, the system will display the necessary information for you to create a tenant.

Step 2: Fill in all required information
Step 3: Click to Sign up and verify an account similar to creating a single user

That is the difference between two accounts when registering akaManager. To register and use an account organization, you need to buy a license, and single users do not. However, currently, the registration of an organization user account is completely free. So what are you waiting for without trying the akaManager??? LOL

Today I have more instructions on how to register for 2 types of accounts, in the following article I will show you how to invite users to tenants to work with project management. See you again!
Best regards!