Some frequent bug in the web application test

Hi guys, today I wanna share some tips in automation testing

When logging Bug, the defining step is very important:
What - What is this bug, how serious is it?
Where - Determine where the error is, on which environment (web browser, app, operating system)
When - When does the Bug occur (i.e., what steps do you take to cause the Bug to occur)
How - How it will be True (expected result)
Who – Bug caused by whose code?
Finding the software’s Bug is not enough, it is necessary to see if the Bug has been fixed or not, the steps to reproduce that bug and especially: fixing that Bug does not cause a new Bug.

Not all the bugs found are fixed: It is necessary to evaluate the importance of the Bug to see which Bugs need to be fixed, which should be fixed and which do not need to be fixed.

    (corresponding to Bug type - Priority)
    Links from site to site not working - High
    The link from one page to another is wrong - High
    Error when entering HTML tags, special characters, expansion characters…into Textboxes - Medium
    Do not check input fields related to dates - Medium
    Do not display or display incorrect error messages when input errors occur on the screen - Medium
    Old data is executed multiple times: browser back, F5… - Medium
    There is a notification that the function is done but the data is not written to the DB - High
    Entering a large amount of data causes the program to fail - High
    Entering the wrong data type causes the system to fail to save it to the database - High
    The error of not verifying Button was displayed when the required fields were not entered - Medium
    Notify error message not sorted in latest order - Medium
    From an existing page, changing some properties on the link can lead to another page that the user does not have access to - High
    User is out of the system, browser back but can still perform functions - High
    The system of sharing links for users shows the wrong function compared to the granted permission - High
    Website presentation is not uniform: fonts, colors, … - Medium
    The size of textbox cells is restricted (hard-fixed) the values ​​in those cells are not fully displayed - Medium
    Layout broken when opening to different environments (browser) - High
    Misspelled statements - Medium
    Button does not turn gray when disabled - Medium
    Names of buttons, links… are technical, not easy to understand for users - Medium
    Multi-layer popup, when not closing the last one but still click or close the previous layer - Low
    Different buttons or labels that are all the same in color - Low
    Notify error message, when you click to view, the color has not changed (from dark to normal) - Low
    When many users have access to the system, the system does not meet the requirements (performance).
    Missing character (*) next to required fields.
    Error clicking Login 2 times to enter the system.

Hope that It’s helpful for you!

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