[Sharing experiences]

14 years ago, I was a webmaster of a local shipping magazine while I was a last year student in software engineering. My job was to translate articles from English into Vietnamese, posted them to the website or customized the website when needed. While the job was great for a student, it’s not the type of work I would love to do (To be honest, I didn’t know what I really loved to do either). I was just thinking that I was young and that I need to do something new, something relating to software and something really challenging.

I then browsed job sites and found a company was hiring a software test engineer. “What the heck is software test engineer doing” I wondered. The job description listed some requirements, but I had no ideas what they were. … but I liked it. So I decided to write a CV and applied for the job.

Luckily, I was called for the interview.

“How was the interview?” you may ask.

Well, the interview went so bad that I wished I hadn’t applied for the position. I failed to answer most of the questions on software testing. However, there’s one thing I think I did well in the interview was I showed that I was willing to learn new things….and I passed the interview and have become a software test engineer.

Fast forward to today, I’ve been in software testing long time enough to realize that how lucky I was to be accepted for the job.

Now if you want to get into software testing, you can’t just solely rely on luck. Well, luck is part of life, but now you need to prepare and do a better job than I did when I first started because things have changed. Technology has changed, software testing market has changed, competitiveness has changed.

For that reason, I decided to write a guide to help you become a software tester. If you are planning to head into software testing career this year, this post is for you. In this post, I will walk you through things you should do, learn and prepare to come closer to the goal of becoming a tester.

Thanks for sharing. No I don’t know any website like that.
That’s good idea too. I may blog about that in future posts.