[SHARING] Difference Between Agile and Scrum – Agile Vs Scrum

We have mentioned all the differences between Scrum and agile here in the tabular form to better understand.

Agile Scrum
1. Agile development is a technique that takes an incremental and iterative approach. Scrum is among the methodologies used to achieve agile development. In this scenario, the client receives incremental builds every two to three weeks.
2. Agile software development is often regarded as being particularly well suited to situations with a small but highly skilled project development team. Scrum is particularly well suited for projects where the requirements of projects are constantly changing.
3. Leadership is very important in the Agile process. Scrum encourages a cross-functional, self-organizing team.
4. Comparatively speaking, Agile is a more rigorous technique than Scrum. As a result, there is limited room for frequent adjustments The most significant feature of Scrum is its adaptability, which allows it to respond quickly to changes.
5. Various cross-functional teams collaborate with one another and communicate face to face with one another as part of the Agile process. Collaboration is done in Scrum through the use of daily stand-up meetings, in which a set role is allocated to the team leader, production manager, and team members.
6. Agile development processes and organizational transformation can be time-consuming and expensive upfront. When adopting the scrum method, there aren’t many modifications that need to be made.
7. The agile technique necessitates normal delivery to the end customer to obtain their input on the product. After each sprint in the Scrum methodology, a build is provided to the customers for their consideration.
8. This technique requires that each phase of development (requirements, analysis, and design) be continuously monitored throughout the product’s lifespan. At the conclusion of each sprint, a presentation of the capability is presented. So that regular input may be gathered before the next sprint can be conducted.
9. In the agile methodology, the project manager is in charge of all tasks. Because there is no team leader, the difficulties or problems are addressed by the entire team.
10. The design and implementation should be kept as basic as possible in the agile methodology. Innovative and experimental design and execution are possible in the scrum methodology.

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Yeahh! Scrum is a form of Agile model and is the most popular framework when implementing agile models

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