[SHARING] - Agile Vs Waterfall: Difference Between Agile and Waterfall

Below is the difference between Agile and Waterfall software models in the tabular form for better understanding:

Agile Waterfall
Sprints are used to break down the project into manageable pieces. In general, the methodology gets separated into several stages.
Agile models follow the concept of consistent growth during the project itself so that afterwards it reduces the risk of completing the requirements. The waterfall technique is a sequential design process.
The model is known for its versatility. This methodology is a systematic developing method that may be rather rigorous at times.
Agile may be thought to be a compilation of several outlines. In this, the software gets developed as a specific outline.
This method is flexible and allows changes for the progress of the project soon after the first stage of designing gets completed. Once the project development begins, there is no way to change the specifications if any are required.
Because this method uses an incremental development approach, the phases of design, production, testing, and other project management may appear several times. All the development phases of the project are accomplished once
Testing is frequently done in conjunction with the development phase in Agile model to maintain consistent quality. In this method, the test approach is rarely used.
This method is a software advancement technique in which you can change or develop the demands over time. Appropriate for specialized requirements and unforeseen changes.
Testing occurs with software development simultaneously. The “Testing” is done after the “Build” step.
It gives a production attitude wherein the software product fulfills the demands and adapts to the customer’s expectations It is entirely focused on completing the project.
It goes perfectly with Duration and Resources or non-fixed finance. By obtaining risk agreement at the start of the process, it is possible to reduce risk in firm fixed price contracts.
It is preferable to work with small, focused teams with a higher level of cooperation. A team’s capacity to coordinate and synchronize is severely restricted.
The product manager and his colleagues prepare a list of lacks every day over the development of a project. In this, the Business analyst develops the specifications before the beginning of a project.

Agile or Waterfall: Which is Better?

So, how should you choose between Agile and Waterfall? It is determined by the project. Your company and your initiatives will thrive if you choose the correct technique for the right work and the right people. Consider the following factors before deciding on a technique:

  • What kind of work do we do?
  • Who is going to do the work?

These factors are essential considerations when deciding on either approach. When providing breakthrough work with a specified timeline, the waterfall approach is beneficial. The Agile approach works effectively when groups are semi-permanent and continuous supply and cross-team alignments are essential.

Consider your goals and check if either of the approaches can help you to fulfill your project.