Run same tests with different config


I have a set of automated UI tests for a web application.
I’m using Java, Maven and Junit 4.13.2 (would be willing to update Junit or even use something else).

I want to run all my tests, but with different configurations, and combinations of configurations, such as on different browsers, and with different screen resolutions.
At the moment, all of these config values are in different properties files, which I pass in when executing the tests via Maven.

What I want to achieve, is that with one Maven call, all tests in all variations are being executed (all screen resolutions on all browsers).
Also looking for a nice HTML report containing the test results.

I think parameterized Junit tests is not what I’m looking for.
Would be willing to use a different test execution engine than Junit, if with that the results would be achieved more easily.

Many thanks in advance,

I understand this isn’t quite what you asked however…

In Serenity you can define multiple environments in the serenity.config file.

It would still require different invocations of mvn but you could put that in a batch file