Poor features of popular testing tools

Hey everyone.

As I continued my journey to advanced QA, I started wondering if there were poor features of the most popular test management tool. Not like price or availability only for Windows, but I am talking about Requirement management suck or bug tracking lagging too much. Because as I read, all of them are super cool with a bunch of extras, but meeting genuine reviews is pretty challenging. And I wonder what testers and developers don’t like about those tools.

What tools did you happen to use, and what features were lower than average?

I generally dislike the idea of explicit “runs” of test cases.
Testlink is here very bad.
When you start a test case execution you can not easily pause that for whatever reason.
Every time you go away from that case by the normal functions like Pause, Error, Blocked, your current execution and its notes are frozen.
When you again click on Execute you start with all step status and notes fields clean.

I f…ing want to continue my execution before !! With my already made notes!!

It is not fun to gather notes over multiple executions.

Because of that (and other points) I’m very skeptical about test management tools in general.
Just give me the normal issue tracker or something like Confluence were I can write text and organize it on my own.