[New Release] akaAT Studio 2.0.1

Hello Community Members! :wave:

Today we are releasing akaAT Studio 2.0.1 with a number of new features, enhancements and fixed issue!

Download it here: akaAT | Auto Test Tool,akaat studio,Web, API, Mobile, Desktop Automated Tests

What’s new?

New features

  • We supported Run Test case by Profile

  • We supported Export to Keyword Group

  • Search function in Test case


  • [Update Driver]: Support to download window, Jemeter driver

  • [Report UI]: Make it easy to back to previous page of report

  • UI of the test case: Resize table height, remove | border, change color of table text

  • Name convention: Only support file name with string, special character _$

Fixed issue

  • [Binding data]: Edit binding data in testcase

Happy testing!
akaAT Team.

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