Manuel Tester or Automation Tester Job as a Fresher

hello in the area where i live most of the jobs are of Manuel tester i very rarely find jobs for automation tester for freshers? what will i do? i wanna be a automation tester but most of the jobs here are of Manuel tester? share your opinion Thank you
I am totally out of focus i don’t know what to do and i don’t have enough Experience or friends in the same field to take the correct decision

Curious with regards to being a fresher why would you choose automation engineer over development engineer?

In a lot of regions the view of the manual tester is often verification and test case focused as opposed to the really cool interesting side of exploratory/investigative testers so its understandable that in those regions that path is not favoured.

Automation engineer though is a very different role, its a software development and coding role when it is done well, which is why I asked the original developer option question.

Automation though also tends to have a bias towards the verification type testing so it also makes sense that you spend time learning how to do that type of testing well before you step into automation but build your coding skills in parallel, they are just as important as your testing skills when it comes to automation.

When hiring for automation I tend to look for coding skills more that testing ones so getting a fresher coding role may also be another path into automation to consider.