Manual VS automated testing?

What are the differences between manual and automated testing?

Manual Testing Automated Testing
A human tester tests the software by manually running the test cases and observing and comparing the actual and expected outputs. A tester or a programmer uses scripts and tools that execute the software and compares the actual and expected outputs.
Manual testing is not reproducible and repeatable. Since it is programmed, automated testing is consistently reproducible and repeatable. It can be executed as many times as the tester wants.
For new features, a tester can quickly test the feature manually, without much configuration and setup. To set up automated testing, there’s the initial investment required to write the tests and prepare an environment to run those tests on.
Manual testing is useful for finding bugs in the user interface or accessibility issues. Automated testing is more suitable for catching bugs that a human tester would miss, such as programming bugs, business logic errors.
Manual testing is prone to human errors and is slow. As there is no human participation involved (other than writing tests), automated testing is more reliable. It is much faster than manual testing.
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