Looking for consultant advice, short term vs. long term testing mission which one do you choose and why?

Hi all,
I’m about to reach the goals of my current testing mission, and I missed the point to ask at the beginning about the duration of my mission as it’s my first time in consultancy world.
In the coming months, I’ll be in another assignment as consultant, didn’t start the interviews yet but I’m wondering as consultant what are your opinions about
• short term and long term mission ?
• what questions do you normally ask before you decide your next mission ?
I appreciate your feedback !

Coming to your question, I believe the selection between short-term and long-term testing missions entirely depends on the complexity of the project. Besides, the number of resources available and time frames help make the choice. When you have a lot of resources to handle software testing operations, you can break things into short-term tasks or missions to drive more accuracy.

On the other hand, some projects are complex and could even involve simultaneous development and testing. In such a case, integration of all the advancements made onto an existing model demands testing which turns the project into a long-term mission.

All in all, it entirely depends on the time, resources, and complexity of the project that how you break your testing mission.