Is Test Automation Different From Automated Testing in a Software Testing Solution?

Is Test Automation Different From Automated Testing in a Software Testing Solution?

It might be confusing but test automation and automated testing are two related concepts in software solutions. You need both to create efficient software solutions for companies.

How do they differ?

Let’s define the two in the context of continuous testing. By the way, continuous testing is conducting tests in an uninterrupted manner. You need to continue assessing risks in the development process and at the user’s end.

Test Automation

This automation refers to the whole process of tracking and managing the testing requirements. Often, companies (as a whole) benefit from test automation. This encompasses the beginning of the development cycle until the software technology is ready for deployment.

In this, you constantly communicate with members of the development and testing group, stakeholders, or people who are involved in the creation of much-needed software.

Often, you need testing tools and a work process to identify needs and to corroborate these to the appropriate people. These automation tools can help in maintaining software quality standards in every cycle of software development.

Automated Testing

Compared to test automation, automated testing focuses on a specific part of the development cycle – the testing software. Instead of manual processes, you automate the process of testing specific functionality.

This benefits the developers. It boosts their confidence and efficiency in rechecking functionalities or finding errors.

If your developers (or testers) evaluate a large system, automated testing can increase confidence and speed to market, while reducing testing costs. Teams can implement enhancements to the system and ensure they are not breaking existing functionality.

With the software testing process automated, there is a faster turnover of releases. Thus, your company can focus business resources on more important matters.