[Importance of Bug Management System / Why is it important to manage Bugs?]

Managing bugs is extremely important for delivering a quality end product, how is this possible with effective bug management?

The bugs should be logged and approved as soon as possible and it should be tracked with different stages… An effective bug management tool will help in this like Quality center, bugzilla etc.
And if there is no tool then we should have manage them with different excels sheet prepared in the formats matching some tools.


As per best practices from mobile testing services below are the reasons why an app crashes:

  1. Bad Memory Management
  2. Lack of Testing before deployment
  3. Dependency on Third party ID’s
  4. Improper exception handling
  5. Redundant Code
  6. Invalid references in Code
  7. Incompatible Devices

How we can fix App Crash:

We can do following to fix app crashes:

  1. Reinstall the app
  2. Update the app to latest version
  3. Try killing additional process on mobile to free up memory
  4. Restart Mobile phone
  5. You Can also try by updating OS version if that is not compatible with app
    6. Clear app data and Cache for App

I could list you many reasons, but will shorten my list to a few important ones:

  1. Gives you and the stakeholders a vision on the quality of the code

  2. Enhances confidence in testing by exposing flaws in the behavior

  3. Helps you in your quest of measuring the gating criteria’s for exiting test phases

  4. Keeps an audit trail of the number of defects logged for a project/program of x complexity and y size. (This info can be used as a benchmark to further provide testing timelines and estimations on similar projects/programs in the future)

  5. Exposes requirement gaps and possible change requests.