[I fear Changes]

As a traditional tester, I worry when my team is now transforming to Agile where someone one says that you have to test without any document and it’s a chaos.
As a tester, I worry when my project progress does not follow initial plan and my testing schedule is affected accordingly

What I can tell is that there’s nothing for you to worry about in those situations

If you worry about automated test because you don’t know how to code, pick up a programming language and check out some courses online to learn. No, you won’t become an expert after learning those courses, but it will provide you enough basic knowledge to start off

Agile is scaring you off?
Testing in Agile is still testing. The core work is testing. The only difference is the way you approach and do the testing. You can research to understand more about Agile (see Agile manifesto)

So, instead of worrying and resisting to change, let’s do a bold action:

“Let’s welcome changes”