How to specify Java's classpath in akaAT Studio?

I want to add a third party Jar library and write Java code.

I just described a sample code using a third party Jar, but of course there is an error in the import line.

How do I specify the classpath in akaAT studio?

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You can add your Jar Lib file to local folder business-keywords\custom-keywords\lib
then import again.
Please feel free to contact us if you have more question.
Thank you.

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Can I put 3rd party Jars in a subfolder?
Right now, we do not have many 3rd party Jars. If there are more in the future, it would be helpful to be able to manage them in their own folders.

You can create sub-folder in local project then copy paste jar lib to that.
Currently there is no function to create sub-folders in the lib directory on the tool, so you need create in local project.