How to install / add desktop application into Simulator

While performing the automation on native application using akaAT, i need to interact with another desktop/native application where i need to approve the authentication request for accessing the services.

While performing automation i was unable to install another desktop/ native application into simulator where i need to authenticate the approval request. i was unable to install desktop application into simulator and unable to inspect the locators of desktop application on simulator.

Am attaching screenshots for reference, could anyone suggest necessary steps in resolving this issue.

You want to install “Authy Desktop” to simulator?
Do you have bundle ID and build file of that app? (file .app) ?

Hi @Narkokorzu
Yes, i want to install “Authy Desktop” to simulator.

I don’t have any bundle id and build file, i downloaded Authy app from google in zip file format (.dmg) and i have that zip file.

If you dont have .app file, how could you test them ? There is no way out

Hi @Narkokorzu
Is there any possibilities of installing 2-step verification desktop application into simulator.

I dont get what you mean. What “2-step verification” is?
In addition, basically, cannot install desktop app for mobile version.
Each application built by xcode must match with target operation (Mac/iphone/ipad)

Hi @Narkokorzu

Basically 2-step verification application is nothing but we are accessing the services in secured way.

Example : OTP validation, Email validation, Signing on to gmail using authentication like(Text to Mobile number, call to mobile number).

So i am trying to install Desktop application into the simulator.

Hi @Narkokorzu

is there any possiblities of automating Macbook Pro using akaAT.

If yes, please guide.

It still totally can automation testing on Macbook Pro using akaAT.
Why don’t you use real device, you can only install app to simulat or if you have .app file.
If not, there is no way

Yes @Narkokorzu as per our requirements, automation testing can be done totally on Macbook Pro.

Indeed, we should test on real device as much as we can
Even in case, you can handle installing in simulator, there still be deviation between simulator and real device

Therefore, above all we still suggest to use real device