How to implement automation, what would be the steps?

Success in test automation requires careful planning and design work. The steps include:

  • First, you should define your goal for automated testing and determine which types of tests to automate. Once you are sure of what kind of test are you performing, you need to select the appropriate tool.
  • Next, you define the scope of automation. Decide which test cases to automate.
  • After determining your goal and which types of tests to automate, you should decide what actions your automated tests will perform. Create test scripts and develop test suits to hold your test cases.
  • Next step is execution. Execution can be performed using the automation tool directly or through the Test Management tool which will invoke the automation tool.
  • Once executed, the next step is to create report formats so that individual test logs with details of the actions performed during testing are recorded. Define the type of test report format to be created, screenshots, messages etc.
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