How to find a mentor!

Hi all!

Relatively new here and not sure if I’ve created this in the right place so apologies if not!

My name is Sarah (my husband and I share and account at the moment whilst I try to persuade my work to buy a membership!) and I’ve about 3-4 years of testing experience under my belt. Most of that time I’ve been the sole QA in various companies so a lot has fallen to me such as implementing automation frameworks and the like! I enjoy what I do but feel I lack the benefit of another person at a similar level who I can talk to and sound things out with to see if my thinking is on track!

So I’m on the hunt for a mentor, specifically someone who has lots of experience in implementing automation - the good, the bad and the ugly! My main concerns that I would like to discuss are how other people decide what is of value to automate. I’m a big advocate for less is more and we utilise something that Angie Jones demoed in a talk to assist us, but it would be interesting to see how others make these decision and the thinking behind them.

Would love to hear from anyone/everyone with more experience than me and open to connecting with people for mentorship stuff if it’s on offer!

Thanks for reading