How do you write your test cases?


I want to ask a question that is both simple and complex to answer: How do you write your test cases?

Why do I say it is simple?

Well I mean according to some definitions testers write test cases and since they do it often it should be easy. Also there is a ton of information online on how to write a test case, what should it contain, so again, easy and simple.

Why do I say it is complex?
Well, a PM once told me that the tests should be written in such a way that a person coming from the street should be able to run them. I mean that is not impossible to do but it will take time, a lot of time. One has to find a way to explain concepts that are not really in the day to day dictionary ( API for example).

I think that they want somenthing like this When tests steps are really clear - YouTube 12

What do you think? How do you do it?

I write them at the appropriate level for the audience that’s going to consume them.

If we’re going to be outsourcing our testing, I’ll be writing them closer to the “a person coming from the street should be able to run them” level of detail.

On my current team that’s heavily shifted-left, relies upon automation, etc, we have no explicit test cases.

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Good to ask Why? when my manager asked me to write Test case with too much details, I challenged my Manager, what value I would get by writing details, his answer is same like your manager “someone would execute in my absence.” Ok, if this is the case, let me create Application Knowledge documentation on set up, configuration, use cases, system architecture, Error booklet and reason of these error. This can be used by anyone support team and others who can get benefit. Instead use mind map tool to document test
Explain the idea of using mind maps’ techniques in Exploratory Testing sessions. Create mind maps to generate tests and to document your test execution.

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