How Do you Measure Quality and Quantify it?

I was currently tasked with. “How do we measure quality” “What metrics would we use?”

I am very new to being a tester and IT in general. So I am actually struggling to come up with ideas on this. So I figured I’d ask the collective brains of the Ministry!

How do you measure Quality? How do you quantify it for the business to help make that shift towards a test first mentality?

That’s the tricky part. I feel as though they are looking for an overarching “This is how we measure quality” so the stake holders begin to understand that we’re wasting time by finishing it as quickly as possible and worry about the bugs later, since it takes way longer to test in the first place than fix after it comes crashing down (which doesn’t make sense).

So it’s for us to explain to the business, and stake holders, in business terms, that by being quality focused first, we can avoid a lot the tech debt and issues that always happen.

The company has recently transitioned into being Agile and Cross Functional Teams. So it’s a struggle to show and prove that building with a testing mentality can save a lot of time and money and build higher quality products.