How are your teams maintaining their BDD /Feature files in a repo and an external source for other team members to contribute and update? How to avoid duplicate effort?

Q: One of our teams is looking for ways to not duplicate effort with their Feature files & BDD scenarios. They initially wanted only their repo to be the source of truth but product teams don’t have access to the repo. So i’m wondering how teams are managing their Feature files, where are they storing their source of truth(feature files) and how are they keeping them in sync with their repo? We are using cypress, Jira, Confluence as tools. Any plugins available? What are people doing?
why are you asking this?
An issue i’ve come across before but curious how others are doing this.
what have you tried already?
• Jira being source of truth and a plugin/custom code which extracts feature files from Jira and updates the repo. But this easily became slow and sluggish. Benefit, product and other member with no access to the repo can add or update the scenarios.
• Other option i was thinking of was to make the repo the source of truth and have a utility or pipeline task which collates the feature files and uploads them to jira/confluence. So updates can be made in the repo and them published somewhere. Issue with this is that Product can’t directly update or add scenarios