Documenting the plan for implementing the testing process

So, a friend reached out to me asking if I know of any templates for documenting the implementation of the testing process in a new company from scratch. I never noticed any such documents while googling online, there are plenty of different templates for test plans, test policies, and test strategies, but not for this purpose.
Personally, as lazy as I am, I’m not a fan of using templates and prefer to keep the documentation minimalistic, authentic, and unique to the needs of the project/company. But still, it would be interesting if someone has this kind of template to share, to try to analyze some common patters when implemting a testing process from the ground up!

I always write something down, for the purposes of letting my mind collate what resources are missing. Just doing a mental dry-run of a few notes scrawled on a page is often flagging up any missing steps. A test plan is a recipe, exact volumes are never present.
I also prefer if people take my test plan as an intent, something that can change a lot on the actual day that daylight hits. This allows me to actually “whishlist” a bit, in my test plan, something that cannot happen if we formalize the plan.

Is not that something what ISO 9001 is for?
Basically: Document what you are going to do.
I also never had something like this.
Every company and project is so different that I can not think of a template.
Even different people prefer the same information in different forms.