Do you know a story about where testing would have helped?

To help highlight the value of testing, in the lesson 5, we shared a series of incidents that testing might have helped prevent. But there are many more out there!

For this activity, track down a bug, crash, leak or issue that was mentioned in the press (or elsewhere) and think about how testing might have helped prevent it.

Stories are a great way to explain to others how things work. By collecting your own stories you not only gain a deeper understanding of the value of testing but you also gain a great story to share with others when it’s your turn to explain the importance and role software testing has in software development.


Search news sites to find one of the many software bugs, crashes and leaks stories shared. Alternatively, you can ask testers on The Club or on our Slack 3 to hear their own stories on bugs that caused problems.

Once you have identified a story, analyse and research it to discover how testing might have helped then add this information to your portfolio and share it on this thread to compare with others.

This was the most interesting one I could find… A bug in the uber app led to notifications being pushed to a device even after logging out of the account on that device. This bug revealed a man’s affair to his wife, leading to a divorce and a lawsuit landing in Uber’s lap! I’m pretty sure this could have been tested!