Dealing with difficult Developers when introducing QA

I work mostly in start up companies that are scaling up QA. Often teams have worked without QA for a year or two and are loving the freedom, then one day I turn up and start to put some kind of quality processes in place. Most of the time, teams are OK and are very helpful but sometime usually some of the ‘old heads’ can prove to be quite stiff to change.

Multiple ways I have won the battles have been:

  • Involving team members in QA Documentation drafts
  • Getting to know them a bit better before making changes
  • Little and often changes rather than a Big Bang that makes people put the breaks on
  • Showing them insightful metrics to show them their actual quality of their work. Yes you got 30 tickets to done in a sprint but if 60% get rejected you have wasted a lot of time

Whats is everyone’s key tricks when dealing with difficult team members when introducing QA to teams?


People often say that devs don’t like QA but it’s actually just ‘change’
The key role here you need to perform is Change Management, which is probably 75% of any QA his job. I’m a consultant and mostly the problem isn’t ‘doing QA’ it’s just change.

I sweeten them a bit up with pastries in the beginning, get them to love me and then add automated tests to the pipeline and bang! :stuck_out_tongue:

Nah for real, like you mentioned yourself; getting to know them helps. Starting small, not only introducing a ‘new thing’ but also explaining why it’s better the pro’s and cons.
You can always try to say ’ we can try it, if it doesn’t work, we’ll throw it away’

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good job sis!!!

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