Choosing the right test automation tool

How to decide the tool that one should use for Automation testing in your projects?


In order to identify the tool for Automation testing in your project:

1. Understand your project requirements thoroughly and identify the testing scenarios that you want to automate.

2. Search for the list of tools that support your project’s requirements.

3. Identify your budget for the automation tool. Select the tools within your budget.

4. Identify if you already have skilled resources for the tools. If you don’t have the necessary skilled resources then identify the cost for training the existing resources


5. Now compare each tool for key criteria like:

  • How easy is it to develop and maintain the scripts for the tool?
  • Can a non-technical person also execute the test cases with little training?
  • Does the tool support different types of platforms like web, mobile, desktop, etc based on your project requirements?
  • Does the tool have a test reporting functionality? If not, is it easily configurable for the tool?
  • How is the tool for cross-browser support for web-based applications?
  • How many different testing types can this tool support?
  • How many languages does the tool support?

6. Once you have compared the tools, select the tool which is within your budget and support your project requirements, and gives you more advantages based on the key criteria mentioned above.


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