Can someone help me with answers for the below questions?

  1. There are 250 manual test cases, how will you segregate (on what basis) the regression, sanity, and smoke suite?
  2. When Regression, Sanity, and smoke test scripts are executed?
  3. How will you decide whether this test case is a feasible or a good candidate for automation?
  4. So you keep on designing test scripts when will you execute those scripts? which is the right time to execute test scripts and what is the time interval you run those test scripts?
  5. Say you have 30 + sprints in your release how will you design your test scripts and run them?
  6. How and when is Jenkins used in your Automation?
  7. Say suppose your dev team deploys the build in the 5th sprint, how useful are your test scripts that are designed earlier?
  8. How Efficiently you had used build management tools in your project? state few?

Smoke is the very basic tests which you use to verify the build also known as build verification test
In sanity we will kepp few important testvcases that will say that existing functionalities are working fine.
In regression you will keep all the other case which will cover in depth functionality of your application.