[Bug Tracking Applications & bug tracking tool]

Can any one share the Difference b/w Bug Tracking Applications & bug tracking tool?

Bug tracking tool , is used by Software testers/engineers to keep record of issues found while testing.

Bug tracking system provides a centralized view of all requests raised by Business team, Developers,Management and Testers.

Whenever a new issue bug raised in a bug tracking tool,every stakeholder have access to it.

Some of the best tools are JIRA,TFS,Mantis,BUg Zilla

Whereas, Bug tracking application ,keeps track of issues found by QA engineers/testers only.

Advantages of using Bug tracking tool

  1. It provides a common platform to all stakeholders.

  2. We can perform statistical analysis using bug tracking tools

  3. We can generate reports using bug tracking tools


Well, both these things are same. Bug tracking tools and application. It doesn’t really matter what you call them. Ultimately these systems enable analysts to report, manage, track and resolve bugs. However you get only the same answer from everywhere. You can get the answer in form of that like what are the major and most popular bug tracking tools are in the market and what tool to choose?

Well it totally depends upon your requirement, and it’s must to acknowledge their core features to understand their working and their suitability to your requirement. The common working of all bug tracking tools remain same such as:

  • Track bugs and report them
  • Secure information on what the user did
  • Prioritize issues
  • Indicate the state of issue

And, here are some bug tracking tools available in the market like BugZilla, BugHerd, Mantis Bug Tracker, The Bug Genie, DeBugMe, zipBoard, DoneDone, Marker, Stryka, JIRA, FogBugz, BugHost, Sifter, Lighthouse, Zoho Bug Tracker, BugAware and lot more. Along with them there are lot of automated bug tracking tools available as well such as Ranorex, Tosca, HP-UFT, Katalon and more…

Hope this may help you!