[Best Bug ever you reported]

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can anyone give me the best answer to the Qns : Asked in interview

  1. The best Bug ever you reported and how you handled it ?
    For this Qns i gave an ans like this .
    A) The best bug ever i reported related to the user credentials of Subscription Form . in that form we used to have almost 15 field to be entered .out of these 15 , some fields are mandatory like
    Phone NO, permanent Address , Account Type …etc , skipping these fields cant create an account .there will be a "pop up message :missing mandatory Fields " but still we can create a account even after skipping these mandatory Fields
    And i explained him the communication between myself and the team But the interviewer is not satisfied with this answer.
    Guys is anything i missed out in that Answer ? Plz Let me know?
  2. What makes you feel difficult in testing ? how you handled it ?
    Ans ) being a functional tester , I felt that Data Validations and Data Integration part of validation .
    Then immediately He asked me , IF you were given the same activity as you feel difficult ,what do you do?
    Ans ) then i answered him , Jst i told you it is difficult but not impossible . if i have to work on the same, i will give my 100% to the job, still if i feel difficult, i will take the help of my Sr. Colleagues And colleagues those who masters in it.
    Guys is anything i missed out in that Answer? Plz Let me know?
    Depending on your Feedback I can Assess my Interview>

thank you so much for your prompt response and sharing your knowledge