Check settings
    • Check if the app is successfully installed on the device
    • Check if there is an app icon in the device? Is the icon correct?
    Check for app updates
    • Check if the data is still saved after updating the app?
    Check Uninstall
    • Check after deleting the app that the data and related parts of the app are still in the device or not?
    App startup test
    • First boot: it may take time if you need to load data for the app
    • Next boot: time needed to start: <5s, if after 5s, a notification message is required (so the user knows what’s going on)
    Check out the app navigation
    Check if the app works according to the design flow? (for example, does clicking button A go to screen B?)
  4. UI
    Check overview
    • Check the location of the fields, objects are in the correct position or not
    • Check that the words on the screen are spelled correctly
    • Check whether the controls are aligned correctly: no deviation, correct size….
    • Check if the background color and wallpaper of the app is set correctly
    • Check the display of the app when rotating the screen (horizontal, vertical)
    • Check title screen
    • Check the scroll bar (color, activity)
    Check Default
    • Check value, color, size, font of default value of listbox
    • Check value, color, size, font of default value of listview
    • Listview check how number of records affect scrollbar and page link
    • Check the value, color, size, font of the default value of edittext fields (no; default line: enter search words (search field), system default date,… )
    • Check the default value of the combobox field (none; valid: Nam (gender field), Hanoi (province field), …)
    • Check value checked default checkbox, radio button
    • Check if the text is in the correct format: color, font size, font, etc.
    • Characters must be left-aligned, unless specifically requested
    Edittext style text
    • Check when entering special characters, html code, script.
    • Check when entering the character “space” (both beginning and ending)
    • Check for null (required new field not null)
    • Check for case sensitivity?
    • Check min/max length
    • Check if the text is in the correct format: color, font size, font, etc.
    • Check if the character is left aligned after typing; Number of center aligns; Right background (unless otherwise required).
    Edittext type number
    • Check number must be right aligned, unless there is a special request
    • Check for disallowing entering spaces at the beginning and end of number
    • Check for disallowing input of letters and special characters
    • Check min max length
    • Check valid value
    • Check the boundary value
    Edittext of type date
    • Is the display in the correct format? (dd/mm/yy, dd/mm/yyyy…)
    • Check if the Date Picker is available. Click select whether or not to choose.
    • Check binding of Date fields (start date <= end date)
    • In case datetime is entered, check the value of the 31st day of April, 6, 9, 11 with 30 days.
    • In case datetime is entered, check the value of the 29th of February with 28 days - a non-leap year.
    • In case datetime is entered, check the value of the 29th of February with 29 days - leap years.
    • Check size, background button
    • Check font - color - text size
    • Check if the button handles the correct function or not
    • Check if the corresponding label value of the checkbox is correct
    • Nature is selected with many values
    • Check the number of values ​​of radiobutton
    • Nature selects only one value
    • Check the background color of the elements of the listview (depending on the project)
    • Is it required to check the arrangement of elements in the listview? In what order?
    • Check the number of records (notice the scrollbar, pagination)
    Combo box
    • Check size, font style, text color in combobox
    • Check size, background color combobox
    • Check if the list of values ​​on combobox is correct
    • Check whether the combobox value selection event is correct or not
    • Check title, content, message label (size, color, position, …)
    There’s an incoming call
    • Check when the app is in use, there is an incoming call notification?
    • Check after listening to the call, still have the ability to return to the app and not lose data
    App is running in the background
    • When it is running in the background, after returning to the app, it still displays the same screen as before and does not lose data.
    In case of low battery
    • There is a low battery notification and the app can still work normally.
    Plug the charger
    • Executing the app while charging the app still works normally
    Other case
    • Make the app while filming, taking pictures, alarm, … the app still works normally
    Multiple devices
    • Check the operation of the app on many devices: in terms of interface and functionality (note that devices with different screen sizes are prone to errors in the display interface with the application)
    Tablet version
    Check also on tablet if asking for tablet version
    OS version
    • Depending on the project to check the versions are in and out of the compatibility requirements.
    Test by network
    • Test with many different networks: wifi, 3G, 4G…
    Network Priority
    • Check in case there is both Wifi and 3G, priority must be given to using wifi (no loss of money, Kb of 3G)
    Switch network
    • Switching network - from 3G to Wifi (in case of priority), vice versa (losing wifi network - with notification),…
    Loss of life
    • In case of using Wifi network without network: unable to perform the functions that require the network and must notify the user.
    Share data
    • Share data via bluetooth, 3G, Wifi, …
  8. MEDIA
    • Check ON/OFF sound, app background music
    • Check audio synchronicity with app operations
    • ON/OFF the device’s tone and check the app’s tone
    • Check vibration mode if available
    • Check app sound when running music app and ON app sound at the same time
    • Check when playing music on the device, start the app, the music is turned off (closed)
    Check the battery drain of the app
    Satisfying user requirements
    Check when selecting the language that the app runs correctly in the selected language.
    Check if the stored app data is in the correct folder.