Anyone out there only use “manual” testing

I’m interested in how many in the community work for companies that don’t use much or any Automated testing and use primarily rely on manual/exploratory activity.
If so then what are the reasons you have

I suspect we are talking about only the final artifact checking activities, and not about any build-time and provisioning-time checks that are performed when we say “rely on manual testing”. Everyone uses some kind of tool and thus some kind of automation to compose/compile/build/deploy a product, but keen to know how many people do stop there too.
I have temporarily done this while office moves meant that the testing equipment could not be turned on and made to work, and found it exhausting but also a lot of fun for a few months. So I currently appreciate both sides of the art, because manual testing can and did flush out customer UX or workflow defects. I wonder who would plan to do this all of the time though?