Any tips on pair programming interview?

Hi team,

I have an upcoming interview where they will require me to do pair programming with the interviewer (understandably, I will be driving it). They sent me the boilerplate repository to prepare and they asked me to think about what testing would make sense (functional, etc.). They would like to know how I approach testing, the risks, the tools I will use and what I might consider as I create my testing approach.
The repo has existing unit tests so I assume that we will just add more (I might create a unit test coverage report to see what’s missing). At same time, I’m thinking of building API, UI, and Performance tests.
I am familiar with take-home technical test and comfortable working on my own but never done this before where eyes are looking at every step you make. I’m too nervous that I might have a mental block while doing this.

Any tips or tricks on how to prepare and the test approach?

Tell them that you’re feeling anxious about this. It is a valid feeling and they should acknowledge it (and if they don’t, you probably don’t want to work for them).

I’m too nervous that I might have a mental block while doing this.

One thing I realised recently: anticipation of being anxious/afraid is much, MUCH worse than the actual thing. Once I get over the crippling anticipation stage, I usually find that the actual anxiety during “the thing” is bearable. It’s just the anticipation that’s holding me back.

You can do it!