Any good experience with record&playback codeless automation tools?

Hi everyone,

I’m exploring the huge quantity of automation tools based on record&playback/ codeless automation tools.
They are very interesting they are supposed to give the opportunity to build an automation framework in very few hours.

I have tried many tools and almost all of them can record correctly basic tests. However, when you try to record more complex web pages actions they don’t record very well.

For instance I’m trying to automate actions like filling this form that I created for this purpose : 2

Well, even if you try to automate a test in this page directly in Selenium with Java it would be still not very easy…

Do you have any good feedbacks where codeless tools are working well in your company since a couple of years ?

I’m not a big fan of such tools myself, but I do admit that they can have their usefulness, if your SUT is not very large or too complex. When I was just learning Selenium I used the Selenium IDE browser plugin to record tests, then I’d export the test and check the code, after that I was trying to improve the test code by seeing how I can refactor it.