The Differences between negative cases and abnormalities cases

Can somebody from here help to clarify for me what’s the differences between negative test cases and abnormal test cases. I did some reading and a bit confused between this two.

Like for negative test cases, it is when you test the feature with a different input than the positive cases input and see if it will break or not.

How about abnormality test cases?

this requires BUG ADVOCACY skills. you may take the snap shot of the bug during testing at your end.
you can make a small movie of how you reproduced the bug (by recording it)and send it to the developer.
let him know the version of application where you got the error.
let him show the stack trace where the exception details appear(i.e.server log)
what write a report mentioning every minute details of your side when the bug was reproduced (this include changes made by you at your end to test the app.)