Retesting and Regression Testing

What is the difference between Retesting and Regression Testing?

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Regression Testing: Regression testing, also known as generic testing, revolves around re-running functional and non-functional tests. It is especially done to ensure whether previously developed and tested software still performs the same after a change or not. It can be performed either manually or using automated tests.

Re-testing: Re-testing, also known as planned testing, is used for specific bugs after it has been fixed by the developers. Re-testing is performed to check the scenario under the same environmental conditions after detection has been fixed.

Regression vs Retesting:

Regression Retesting
It is performed to make sure that the changes haven’t affected the unchanged part. It is performed to make sure that the test cases that were filed in the last execution are passed after the detects are fixed by developers.
It is not carried out for specific detect fixes. It is usually carried out based on defect fixes.
It is only the previous version functionality-centric. It is current or previous version functionality-centric.
It can be performed parallel with retesting. It is needed to perform before regression testing.
It does not include the verification of bugs. It includes the verification of bugs.
In this type of testing, test cases can be automated and the testing style is generic. In this type of testing, test cases cannot be automated and the testing is done in a planned manner.
It is only used for passed test cases. It is only used for failed test cases.
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