Automate basic “login” functionality test cases for an application

Assuming that the automation tool and framework is already in place of the test environment.

To test the basic “Login” functionality:

  • Understand the project requirement: Login functionality will have a username textbox, a password textbox, and a login button.
  • Identify the Test scenarios: For login functionality, the possible test scenarios are:
    • Blank username and password
    • Invalid username and password
    • A valid username and invalid password
    • Valid username and password
  • Prepare a Data input file with the data corresponding to each scenario.
  • Launch the tool from the program.
  • Identify the username field, password field, and the login button.
  • For each test scenario, get the data from the data file and enter into the corresponding fields. Program click on the login button after entering the data.
  • Validate the error message for negative scenarios and the success message for positive scenarios in the test script with the help of assertions.
  • Run the test suite and generate the report.
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