All You Need To Know About GUI (Graphical User Interface) Testing] All You Need To Know About GUI (Graphical User Interface) Testing

GUI testing is basically a test type that involves verification of the UI or the user interface of the software application you have developed. Ensuring that it is functioning as expected and is as per the system requirement specification document.

GUI testing is a testing technique can require a considerable measure of programming and is tedious whether manual or automated. Typically the product author works out the planned function of a menu or graphical button for clarity so that the testing guys won’t be befuddled with regards to the expected result. User interface testing likewise tends to test for certain project practices that clients expect, similar to a hourglass when the project is occupied, the F1 key raising the help system and numerous other regular points of interest.

Other than functionality, GUI testing assesses design components, e.g. design, colors, font sizes, and fonts, text boxes, headings, icons, buttons etc. GUI testing procedures can be either manual or automated, and are regularly performed by third – party organizations, as opposed to developers or end users.

There are two sorts of interfaces in a PC application. Command line prompt is the place you type text and PC reacts to that command. GUI means Graphical User Interface where you communicate with the computer utilizing pictures instead of text.

GUI is the thing that viewer sees. Say in the event that you visit what you will see say landing page it is the GUI (graphical user interface) of the site. A client does not see the source code. The interface is noticeable to the client. Particularly the emphasis is on the design structure, images that they are working appropriately or not.

Importance of GUI Testing:

An end user first watches the looks and design of the Application/Software and how simple it is for him to comprehend the UI. In the event that a client is not happy with the Interface or discover Application complex to comprehend he could never going to utilize that application again. That is the reason, GUI is a matter for concern, and appropriate testing ought to be completed keeping in mind the end goal to ensure that GUI is free of Bugs.

To get the answer think not as a tester but as an end user. An end user doesn’t have any information about XYZ application or software. It is the UI of the Application which chooses that a user is going to utilize the application or not.

Checklist for GUI Testing:

Here are a few parameters that need to be tested as a part of GUI testing:

Check all the GUI components for position, size, length, width and acceptance testing for characters, numbers. Case in point, you should have the capacity to give inputs to the input fields.

Test whether the warning and error prompts are fine and the text colour is aesthetically good or not.

Test different screen resolution compatibility for the various GUI controls.

Test the clarity of images and ensure that they appear sharp.

Test the alignment of images.

Ensure that the functionality of the software can be tested using the GUI.

Test that the error messages appear as expected.

These are a few, there are many more. You can check for those on the Internet.

Difficulties during GUI Testing:

The most widely recognized issue comes during regression testing is that the application GUI changes habitually. It is extremely hard to test and recognize whether it is a bug or an upgrade. The issue shows up when you don’t have any documentation with respect to GUI changes.

To conclude:

Success of a software application or a product tremendously relies on how the GUI communicates without breaking a sweat in utilizing its different components. Thus, GUI testing is vital. Manual GUI testing can some of the time be monotonous and exhausting and henceforth error inclined. Automation is profoundly suggested for GUI testing.

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